Can a Project Be Successfully Delivered Without Experienced Project Management Resources?

The reality is that good project management resources are hard to come by. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one good resource on your project, then count yourself lucky. However this shouldn’t be a surprise. After all if all the team were of the highest caliber they wouldn’t need a PM to control it all; just a glorified admin assistant!

I should mention that the higher up the career ladder you move and the more high profile project’s you manage the less of a problem this becomes. Organisation’s tend to put their best people on the most important projects. Not only because they have to be delivered on time, but also because they usually involve the most complexity in terms of the solutions which have to be delivered.

So what can you do to successfully deliver without the necessary team resources? Well there are 3 points you must follow. These are:

1.0 Be A Leader

By this I mean you not only have to take control of the delivery, but also be seen to do so. Your resources need to be clear in what goal is being delivered and for when. They also need to know that you are someone who won’t just listen to their problems and then raise them in a risk and issues log, but be someone who will proactively try to get them resolved.

2.0 Generate a Team Spirit

The sum of the parts always amount to more than the individual parts. Therefore to bridge the experience problem, get your team to work as one. Foster a “blitz spirit” which equates to “we’re all in this together so let’s help each other” and you’ll be surprised at the results.

3.0 Ask Around

Often it is easy to get bamboozled by your colleagues. Deep down you have an instinctive feeling that you’re being led up the garden path but because you aren’t technical enough you can’t really challenge what you are being told.

In this instance you need to seek out the “centres of excellence” within your Organisation. After all just because you don’t have the best resources on your project, it doesn’t mean that no-one in the Organisation knows their stuff. You’ll quickly find that there is always someone who is an expert in a specific area, or who has delivered something similar to what you are doing who’s brain you can pick.

By following these points you will have a good basic head start in this important area.